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I’ve collected some snippets from each part of the day from

various weddings to give you a little insight into my work and style.

Grab a cuppa, get comfy and have a little scroll :-)

My Top Tips

  • It’s never too early to start with you prep. Especially if you’re wanting those robe shots with your bridal party, getting into the dress/suits shots, a loved one’s reaction, first looks and them stunning bride/groom portraits.

  • A playlist with all your favourite upbeat songs to set the vibe and keep those nerves at bay. Ask your MUA to set up near a window, the natural light is amazing for make up photos and its the best to match to skin tones etc. Ring lights are great but you just can’t beat natural. Don’t be last in the chair for your MUA or Hair stylist - this happened at my wedding and it ran late which meant I didn’t get chance for bridal portraits (SAD FACE) that make up will not budge and they can always add touch ups.

  • Have those BIG little things like jewellery, invites, perfume, dress, SHOES ( I may get waaaay too excited over these ) and anything special to you, all in one area ready for me to photograph when I arrive.

I show mainly couples portraits on my social media because I just love them!! it’s my favourite part of your day (other than the ceremony) its the first chance you actually get time as a couple on your own for a brief moment… and they’re normally the WOW showstopper ones you’ll print off and adorn your home with.

Usually, these portraits happen just after the ceremony. Of course you’ll want to have a drink and a mingle first, then we'll get your group shots done (before the bridal party gets tipsy and ties and hats come off) , then I'll steal you away for some portraits for about 20- 30 minutes. If you’re wanting to really explore your location and these shots are really important to you then by all means we can take longer, we can discuss timelines when we meet up prior to the wedding. I might grab you again around sunset time for another 15-20 minutes for them dreeeeammmy golden light photos.